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Our Story

Welcome to the Family

Our mission is to joyfully share the goodness we have received freely through love with the rest of the world by letting Love lead! Enjoy!

"We offer uniquely inspired confections with exquisite global tastes. Because we had YOU in mind, the product in your hand was made with love."

Isaac Poku



Grand Opening

With Entrepreneurship in their DNA, Isaac & Meghann Poku had been in the coffee business when they happen to be looking to pair food with coffee and ended up buying a unique chocolate shop in Fargo, ND.

As a fourth first generation Cocoa farmer, Isaac was always looking for an opportunity to add value to the raw Cocoa that was cultivated. This drive is what inspired his focus and initial vision for Chipperz Delights.



The Journey

Upon visiting his home country of Ghana with an American friend Isaac  was reminded by the hardships and scarcity that he grew up in.

Whiles the incomes of the global population and that of the US is increasing, there is yet abject poverty and lack of basic livelihoods for a lot of communities around the globe. Worldwide there is an increase in demand for chocolate and chocolate products that are healthy, wholesome and delicious.

The inspiration came to create a business model that will allow Chipperz Delights  its ultimate chocolate snacks to partner with our customers and friends to help shape of a poverty one ship at a time!

Hope’s Journey International was lunched to help facilitate our giving and philanthropic endeavors.

New Path

Chipperz Delights moved away from retail and ventured into wholesale! This wasn’t without challenges. At one point and for many months we went dormant due to unforeseen problems with some of our newly acquired equipment, but thankfully with God’s help we prevailed!



Reopening and Beyond

Chipperz Delights is in the business of manufacturing and selling our flagship chocolate snacks (Chipperz) and other confections in the USA and around the globe.

We create tasty and unique chocolate confections from the Cocoa been using wholesome local  and regional ingredients!